Fun Bike: Bikes on the Dikes

On Sunday, March 25th, we convened for “Bikes on the Dikes”: a fun, low-pressure ride for bicyclists of all speeds and experience levels. We convened at 1:30 pm at Woodland Hall, then made our way north to Double Bluff in Freeland. We had a fun, social break at Double Bluff where the sun shined beautifully. We had a small snack before riding back.


3 thoughts on “Fun Bike: Bikes on the Dikes

  1. Nancy Hepp says:

    This was such a satisfying ride on so many levels — connecting with more than 20 other cyclists, riding as a group, making our presence felt all along the way (one mother commented to her toddler at Double Bluff: “See all the bikes!”), hearing from both new and experienced cyclists how they enjoyed and appreciated the outing, seeing the terrific island scenery…a great ride overall!

    I look forward to the next one.

  2. Nick Tillotson says:

    Great to see you guys doing this. Keep me updated to see if I can join you on aride

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