Monthly Archives: April 2012

Earth Day! at Bayview

The first tabling event for OYB at the Earth Day event at Bayview was a success! We had many fun discussions under a beautiful sun. It was great to see many people come to the event on bicycles.

One OYBer said, “Word of this movement is really getting out in the community, and I think we have a real opportunity to create a bike-culture on Whidbey Island—and not just for recreational riding, but to really replace car trips.”

Phil helped several people fix-up their bikes.

“Occupy Your Bike!”


Ride to “Carbon Nation”

A group of OYBers rode from Half Link in Bayview to the WiFire in Freeland to see the movie “Carbon Nation.” Two separate groups convened at Bayview, one Bikebus came from the Maxwelton Valley, while another group took a Bikebus from Langley. Eight cyclists in total rode, taking the beautiful and scenic, and low-traffic Newman Road, and arrived after a short 23-minute ride!

The group wrapped four bicycles in the freshly printed—and green-printed—Occupy Your Bike banner to make a stronger statement about zero-emissions transportation. Inside, OYBers joined a larger group to watch the Citizen’s Climate Lobby screening of the film, which presented both problems, and shared great solutions from ordinary Americans taking actions to address climate change.

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