Reasons to Ride

OYBer Nancy Hepp recently passed along an article which inspired us. It was an article from entitled “Why We Fall in Love with Bicycles.” The young female author cited her own reasons: it’s part of her daily commute ritual with her boyfriend; she loves the exercise, the views of the world which exist outside the insulated and stifling bubbles of cars.

But we were particularly intrigued by her analysis of the factors which might encourage more people to ride: busting the illusion that you have to be “a cyclist” to ride; a shift in the bicycle industry which favors more practical, upright bicycles to the racing geometry that’s so favored in America (Europeans ride stylishly, making the bike culture on their continent far friendlier).

She closes by quipping, funnily: “What bicycling could really use is a good marketing department.” It may take more than a bike-friendly infrastructure to get people to ride!

The picture above, drawn from the article, pretty much says it all. It’s a fun post.

Why do YOU ride? And, if you DON’T ride, what do you think would enable you to get on a bike?

We’d love to hear from you.

Have a read, and let us know what you think. And, if so moved, occupy your bike.

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