Guiding Spokes

• We’re about visibility, not cliquishness – since we’re not a cycling club.
• Community is key. We exist to create spaces for skill-sharing and learning to take place (about gear, cycling safety, bike maintenance, etc), and provide informal support to others.
• We bear in mind the goal of lowering each person’s carbon footprint and raising awareness around the relationship between lifestyle and carbon issues.
• We want to generate positive momentum for change. We do this by keeping our efforts locally focused, but also making them easily replicable elsewhere. Surely whatever works in this community could work in other places, too.
• Fun and sustainability are alchemical magic. Expect miracles. Sometimes, the nuttier the tactic, the better the results!

One thought on “Guiding Spokes

  1. kyle says:

    I am currently in the b.a.r.e program (bikes are really expensive) when you are addicted to the stuff there may be no hope to recover, with out bringing your closest friends and family out with you.

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